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Vinoř - part of the Capital city

Vinořský zámekThe name Vinoř appeared for the first time in the founding documents of Vysehrad´s Chapter in 1088. The original settlement developed around a tower-like stone fortress, which used to stay where nowadays the castle courtyard is. The oldest object of cultural heritage in Vinor is the Church of "The Elevation of the Holy Cross" built at the place of former Romanesque building. The Kostel Povýšení svatého Křížechurch was rebuilt in 1727-28 to its current baroque appearance by the famous Czech architect Frantisek Maxmilian Kanka, a revered representative of the Czech baroque architecture, who worked for the noblest aristocratic families of his time such as the Czernins, the Valdsteins, the Colorado-Mansfelds and many others.

For the Czernin family Frantisek Maxmilian Knaka also designed the most attractive of the local landmarks, the impressive Vinoř Castle. Built between years 1719 and 1723, the Vinoř Castle has been politicians Ferdinand d´Este, Kaiser Wilhelm II., archduke Karl (later crowned as the Austrian Emperor Karl VI) and in the 1930s also the President of the former Czechoslovakia T.G.Masaryk or Foreign Secretary Dr. Edvard Beneš.

Zámecký areál Ctěnice - zámek a kočárovnaA part of the Vinor muanicipality is also the Ctěnice Manor with large castle grounds and a garden from 13th century, which originally belonged to Strahov Monastery. In the 1990s the Prague Information Service performed an extensive reconstruction of the manor house and the adjancent grounds. An exhibition focused on the Habsburg dynasty was opened in the manor house and the disused barns were turned into stables for riding horses and a museum of horse carriages.

Other places of interest in the vicinity of Vinor are the ruin of the former Jenstejn Castle and the historically significant castle in Brandýs nad Labem.

The local water system consisting of the Vinoř Stream, runing through a cascade of ponds, together with the Vinoř Castle´s park, which is protected as a nature preserve belong to the most notable items of the natural heritage in the area of Vinor municipality. Mapka městský částí hl. m. Prahy

In 1974 Vinor became a part of Prague, the Capital of the Czech Republic.

From Vinoř to Wenceslaw´s Square in the very heart of Prague it is only 13 km as the crow flies, the National Aerospace Museum in Kbely is 2 km away, Zoological and Botanical Gardens as well as the Troja Chateau are 7 km away.

Vinoř, as a part of the Capital city, is a sought-after destination for sightseers, as well as for those who are looking for active or passive recreation in beautiful environment.